"Jonathan and I would like to say THANK YOU to Jenny Smith @designsbyjenny for making our wedding absolutely amazing! Without her our wedding  wouldn’t have turned out to be the beautiful day I always imagined. You  took boxes of decorations, buckets of flowers and hundreds of pounds of  pumpkins and turned it into my dream. We can’t say thank you enough for  all that you did for us! WE LOVE YOU"



"She  just did my daughter and son-in-laws wedding and she did a phenomenal  job. She is very friendly and professional and never lost her cool about  things even when the rain wasn’t stopping and it was beginning to look  like Plan B was going to be necessary. She just stepped back and took a  moment and made a plan. Luckily we didn’t have to use it and everything  was so beautiful. She handled the entire setup including making all the  floral arrangements and bouquets. We highly recommend her and her  services!! She made our daughter’s day wonderful!"


"You  did such an amazing job on this wedding, Jenny!! It was absolutely  beautiful .... everything went so smoothly and your personal touch on  all the details was impeccable! From the decorations to food to  timeliness of the flow of things was stellar and on point! You truly  have a gift and would be such an asset to any bride or event host whom  needs that special touch and assistance! I love your work!!!"